Bomb Brows offers single-use hallow needle piercings for ears, nose, and navel. All piercings include our standard industry quality nickel free jewelry. Upgraded jewelry pieces are available at the shop for a fee.

Piercing appointments are paid in-full at time of booking.


DO allow water to gently rinse the area in the shower once a day.

DO change bed sheets and pillow cases often.

DO drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, eat well and avoid stress.

ALWAYS contact your piecer if you have any concerns.

DO Mist with Saline Spray once a day

DON'T use a wash cloth, sponge or anything to scrub or clean the piercing area.

DON'T use solution or soap to clean the area.

DON'T touch your new piercing.

DON'T rotate or force the jewelry to move during healing.

DON'T use any ointments or antibacterial products during healing.